It’s been 30 years since Award-winning entrepreneur John Spence launched the Karma brand, with the first property in India. Very soon after came Karma Kandara, the flagship property of all of the Karma properties in Bali. Perched atop the Indian Ocean in the stunning Ungasan area, Karma Kandara is a luxury clifftop resort and has exclusive access to an incredible private beach via elevator. This is the location of the famous Karma Kandara Beach Club, which is the perfect spot for a fun day in the sun, as well as the scene of many of their big parties and events. 

There are an impressive 9 Karma properties in and around Bali; Karma Grand Cliff Villa, Karma Grand Cliff Residence Maria and KRR all in Ungasan, Karma Royal in Candidasa, Karma Royal Sanur, Karma Jimbaran and Karma Royal Jimbaran, as well as 30 other properties around the world. All properties are abundant with beautiful rooms and facilities, sprawling grounds and fine dining experiences. However, the philosophy of the Karma Group and founder John Spence is to create 5-star experiences, not just 5-star properties. In fact, cookie-cutter luxury resorts happen to be a pet hate of John, who likes to approach his properties with a social conscience. The Karma vision is to create a holistic, connected community of unique 5-star destinations around the world, bringing together like-minded individuals. 

John sources talent for his Karma teams from local communities where he can, and empowers local workers to have control over their future. He also conducts philanthropic work local to his properties. He has created a Karma Community care program providing education to at-risk children and funds programs for rising sports talents. It’s all about Karma after all. 

Sustainability is also one of the Karma Group’s principles as they believe in being in harmony with their surroundings, whether that be the local culture or the natural environment. The Karma Kandara properties in Bali are inspired by traditional Balinese architecture, complimented with luxury finishings. All room amenities are environmentally conscious. Each room offers refillable water bottles and there are water stations throughout the property, estimated to prevent 150,000 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill and the ocean each year. 

The Karma Group aims to give their guests a feeling of wonder, much like what they have experienced in their younger days as travellers and backpackers. Karma successfully recreates this feeling while allowing a little more luxury, comfort and style. 

With 30 years in the industry and 30 properties around the world, the Karma Group knows how to create an unforgettable experience. You can also enjoy the magic of Karma as an outside guest at their in-house spas, restaurants and of course at Karma Kandara Beach Club.