Savor moments of pure relaxation with your beloved, accompanied by the resort’s allure of adult-only intimacy and serene surroundings. Let your hearts dance at The Kayon Resort, one of Ubud’s most sought-after romantic hotels in 2023!

The Kayon Resort serves the compelling natural surroundings of Ubud’s green hills, tropical rainforests, and the majestic Petanu River – setting an ideal romantic haven for lovebirds seeking quality time together.

The resort’s name draws inspiration from the “tree of life” concept, and its design gracefully blends in with nature. This enchanting five-star boutique resort is all set to offer a truly unforgettable experience! 

Be captivated right off the resort’s entrance, embraced by the intimate and romantic atmosphere. You will witness the beautifully crafted Ramayana story relief on The Kayon Resort’s stone walls, narrating the timeless love quest of Rama and Sita.

The resort finds its design and architecture inspiration from traditional Balinese elements, topped with modern luxury. This harmonious blend created a sophisticated space where every corner exudes artistic ingenuity, completed with the resort’s luxurious amenities. 

The Kayon Resort unveils private comfort in its well-appointed rooms. Guests can dip in the refreshing infinity pool as the sun gently caresses the lush valley. And soothing spa treatments await! In this ethereal escape, time surrenders to the blissful moments of pampering and enchantment.

Perched on a cliffside, the resort will give you breathtaking panoramic views of nature’s beauty. Meanwhile, it’s essential to note that the resort’s setting with many stairs is unsuitable for children below 15 years old, senior citizens, or those with mobility issues. But the location factor makes the resort so peaceful and serene!

Furthermore, the resort’s surroundings offer a wealth of opportunities for adventure, including guided hikes through the rainforest, visits to nearby temples, and exploring the iconic Tegallalang Rice Terraces.

The Kayon Resort is located close to Ubud’s cultural and natural wonders. Merely a ten-minute drive from the bustling center of Ubud, guests can easily explore the town’s vibrant art scene, traditional markets, and captivating cultural performances.

If you’re up for a tranquil and romantic escape infused with all the cultural and natural wonders of Ubud, look no further than The Kayon Resort!

The Kayon Resort Ubud

Address: Banjar Kepitu, Kenderan, Kec. Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali

Instagram: @thekayonresort

Tel: 03614792553