North Sulawesi–Likupang It is one of the Super Priority Destinations (SPS) set by the Indonesian government, apart from Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Borobudur in Central Java, Mandalika in West Nusa Tenggara, Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara. As an archipelago, Indonesia is known for its natural quality and sustainable tourism destinations. That is one of the reasons why the BBTF committee is proud to highlight Indonesia’s super destinations during the annual event in Bali, June 14-17, 2023 at BICC – Bali International Convention Center.

BBTF has always been supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy since the beginning of its establishment 9 years ago; This year, for the first time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will participate to exchange knowledge and join the commitment to bring the best of Indonesian tourism. destinations to the world. BBTF 2023 will be attended not only by the best sellers, from renowned international hotel management such as the Marriot group, the Hyatt group to the best private hotels, resorts, tour operators with a sustainable concept, all to meet the 300 high-end buyers. value of everything the world.

North Sulawesi is a province in eastern Indonesia that is well known for its impressive natural attractions. The beaches, the mountainous areas and the lush forests are the highlights that make this destination special. From the first time you see Likupang Beach, you will be amazed by its wonderful long white sand beach. It also has clear and beautiful sea water, the world’s top dive site to witness the underwater scenery that will mesmerize you. The presence of a rare species, such as a large green sea turtle, is a sign that North Sulawesi’s ocean ecosystem is in good condition. The beach along the bay is often used as a snorkeling spot, especially by international travelers, plus the nearby Lihaga and Gangga islands for another incredible underwater landscape.

Likupang is ready for tourism, as the government showed support infrastructure and road access, from the airport to Likupang, it can be done by land or sea at a speed of only 15-20 minutes. Likupang will attract investors to invest as foreign tourists, both from Europe and from Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea, it has been suggested that direct flights from China will reopen as of February 2023. In addition, the General Directorate for Coordination of the Ministry of Maritime Transportation has prepared two glass bottom boats to boost tourism activities in the Manado-Likupang Super Priority Tourist Destination. The glass-bottomed tourist boat is 23.1 meters (m) long and can accommodate 44 visitors and seven crew members.

North Sulawesi is very keen to present Indonesia’s quality underwater and sustainable tourism during BBTF. “We are proud to be the chosen and trusted leading international travel fair partner to promote our beautiful country; we believe that only with collaboration between stakeholders we position Indonesia on the top tourism map, from Bali as the gateway to Indonesia BBTF is here to serve”, I Putu Winastra, BBTF 2023 Main Committee and ASITA Chapter President Bali commented.

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