Questions regarding the funding of these transportation projects have arisen, especially considering the financial challenges posed by the pandemic.

In 2019, the estimated budget for the metro line’s first phase, which includes a rail line connecting Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport to Kuta, Central Parking, and Seminyak, was between IDR 8-10 trillion.

I Gede Wayan Samsi Gunarta, the Head of the Bali Province Transportation Service, mentioned that several countries, including South Korea, China, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and England, have expressed interest in contributing.

There are hopes that this collaboration might lead to insights and support from the teams responsible for the Seoul Metropolitan Subway.

In conclusion, while the full realization of these projects might take a few years, they signify Bali’s commitment to enhancing the travel experience for both residents and tourists. Until then, taxis, private hire drivers, and e-taxi services like GoJek remain the primary means of transportation for visitors.