Arak Bali has been deeply rooted in Balinese culture for generations, touching upon many aspects of daily life – from ceremonies and rituals to social gatherings. “COMO Conversation: Arak Bali, Unveiling the Spirit of Bali” is set to spotlight Arak Bali on September 12, 2023, at Kemiri Restaurant from 3 pm to 5 pm.

This special event will lead guests to a multidimensional exploration of this beloved traditional spirit. You will dive deeper into Arak-making as local artisans and distillers unveil age-old and modern techniques. 

Discover fascinating insights into the cultural and historical importance of Arak Bali. Also, enjoy the dedicated mixology showcase that blends traditional and contemporary flavours alongside an exquisite Arak and cuisine pairing!

Highlighting responsible drinking, the event will show the significance of consuming Arak Bali in a balanced and respectful way. Don’t miss the Arak Bali Tasting to experience the intricate flavours and aromas that set Arak Bali apart.

In this event, distinguished speaker IB Rai Budarsa, President Director and Founder of PT. Hatten Bali Tbk and Hatten Wines, will share his journey of putting Bali’s wines on the global map. His vision has led to an award-winning range showcasing international and heritage grape varieties in Bali vineyards.

COMO Uma Ubud is beyond excited to present this unique Arak Bali celebration, and as a special treat, in-house guests can enjoy complimentary access to this event!

Meanwhile, external participants can join with a minimum fee of IDR 200,000++ per person, including the Arak Bali tasting and canapés. Plus, half of the event’s proceeds will go to the Bali Children Foundation, which supports education and empowerment for local children.

Limited seats are available for this event, so secure yours and join COMO Uma Ubud in this enriching celebration!

For more information and reservation, contact COMO Uma Ubud’s team through WhatsApp or email at [email protected]

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