Conrad Bali, the renowned five-star luxury resort, is pleased to introduce JIWA Wellness, an innovative wellness concept aimed at promoting the overall well-being of its guests through a variety of meticulously crafted treatments, therapies and experiences. JIWA Wellness sets a new standard for Bali’s five-star resorts, offering a comprehensive program centered on three fundamental pillars: JIWA Spa, JIWA Sense and JIWA Strength. Inspired by local healing traditions and a commitment to achieving harmony in mind, body and spirit, JIWA Wellness adopts the Indonesian word “jiwa”, which means “soul”.

JIWA Spa, the first pillar, invites guests to embark on a rejuvenating spa journey, where a fusion of natural formulas and ancient techniques combine to deliver transformative treatments. With nine treatment rooms, two spa villas, a steam room, sauna, Jacuzzis, a spa pool and a nail station, guests can immerse themselves in a haven of relaxation. The pinnacle of each session is an invigorating dip in the resort’s 25-meter private pool, offering a refreshing and invigorating conclusion to the spa experience.

The second pillar, JIWA Sense, harnesses the power of the five senses through therapeutic practices inspired by Balinese and Indian healing traditions. Led by Conrad Bali’s resident healer and esteemed World Foundation for Pranic Healing Fellow, Dewa Ayu Mas Damayanti, guests seeking an inner connection and renewed well-being can enjoy a variety of experiences. These include chakra balancing, sound healing, Balinese full moon and new moon rituals, anti-aging crystal facials and sunrise meditation.

One of the highlights of JIWA Sense is the introduction of SWAY, an innovative sleep therapy exclusive to Conrad Bali. Combining scientifically proven ancient and contemporary techniques to improve the quality of sleep, SWAY offers deep relaxation and relief for those with sleep problems or simply seeking peace of mind. Guests cradle themselves in a hammock beneath a weighted blanket and soothing eye pillow as they receive a tension-melting acupressure massage. Immersed in aromatherapy and the soothing sounds of nature, SWAY provides unparalleled comfort, embodying Conrad Bali’s research-based approach to wellness, while honoring traditional practices.

The third pillar, JIWA Strength, focuses on optimizing physical strength and mental resilience. Guests can choose from a wide range of activities, including aerial and aquatic yoga, cycling, personalized training in the gym, tennis and circuit training, ensuring a stay filled with invigorating and energizing activities. Swimming enthusiasts will delight in the availability of four swimming pools.

Kevin Girard, General Manager of Conrad Bali, explains the importance of wellness travel in contemporary travel, stating: “Wellness experiences focused on mind, body and spirit have become increasingly important to travelers, and Bali has become one of the top destinations in the world. in this regard. With JIWA Wellness, we are proud to offer guests one of the most comprehensive ranges of treatments and therapies among the island’s five-star resorts. Our carefully curated experiences honor tradition while instilling a deep sense of peace and relaxation, allowing guests to reconnect with themselves.”

Conrad Bali’s JIWA Wellness program represents a paradigm shift in luxury wellness, providing guests with an unparalleled opportunity to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, balance and rejuvenation. By seamlessly integrating ancient healing practices, cutting-edge research and world-class facilities, Conrad Bali sets a new standard for holistic wellness in the idyllic setting of Bali, Indonesia. For more information, please visit the Conrad Bali website or contact the resort directly.