In addition, the Mentawai people have a deep knowledge of medicinal plants and traditional healing methods. They rely on natural remedies to treat various ailments and maintain their general well-being. This knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation and continues to play a vital role in your daily life. due to his perceived ability to cure disease and communicate with ancestors and nature spirits.

Next, in West Sumatra, visiting tourist villages is the right course of action to support grassroots traditions and the locally based creative economy. Nagari Sijunjung or Kubu Gadang are prime examples of communities known for their prosperous ancestral rituals: Berkaul Adat processions where villagers show gratitude for bountiful crops, Silek Lanyah, a variation of the Pencak Silat martial art performed in muddy fields, and performances of Randai folk theater with music, song, dance and drama are just a few notable celebrations of a host of fascinating Minang customary practices.

Nature lovers will travel through magnificent landscapes over volcanic slopes and beautiful coffee or cinnamon plantations and explore the fertile Harau Valley, known as Indonesia’s Yosemite, with towering granite cliffs, lush vegetation and rows of waterfalls. The conservation area is a paradise for photographers, hikers and climbers. Nestled in a massive caldera, Lake Maninjau is another impressive natural attraction in West Sumatra, but its ecosystem must be protected from overfishing and water pollution so that this fragile environment can be managed sustainably.

Discovering the land of Minangkabau in Bukittingi, a charming town surrounded by the impressive Ngarai Sianok, a canyon in a green valley with Mount Singgalang in the background and one of the best landscapes in the entire province. Songket handwoven fabrics, recognized as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, can be purchased at Pandai Silek, a nearby village with a long history of crafts. Trying traditional West Sumatra foods is a delicious way to get acquainted with the local way of life. Enjoying delicious dishes like Sate or Nasi Padang, Gulai Ayama or Rendang, cooked in a curry sauce with coconut milk and spice blends, though available throughout Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, is a must do while exploring the vibrant scene cuisine of the city of Padang. .

“West Sumatra is a fascinating destination with spectacular geoparks and a thriving ancient local culture to explore,” said I Putu Winastra, the BBTF 2023 main committee and president of the Bali chapter of the Association of Travel (ASITA).
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