“This was specifically designed for Health Tourism in both Medical and Wellness aspects. So, we see that Bali is an ideal location to develop Health Tourism because it combines tourism and health, which is a global trend after the Covid-19 pandemic,” he explained.

Furthermore, he expressed pride in having a Special Economic Zone in Sanur that deals with Medical and Wellness Tourism, meeting international standards.

“Promotion and socialization need to be intensified. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism must work hand in hand to continually promote this,” he added.

The Sanur SEZ will be an integrated area equipped with general and specialized hospitals, hotels and resorts, commercial areas, and other supporting facilities.

WTN Summit TIME 2023 was also marked by a series of Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) signed between the Bali Medical Tourism Association (BMTA) and the Junior Doctors Network Indonesia with the World Tourism Network (WTN) regarding collaboration in promotion.

The Chairman of the Bali Medical Tourism Association (BMTA) emphasized that a new medical tourism zone in Sanur is seen as a unique model to advance this niche market in Bali and as a new trend for domestic and international medical tourism.

Dr. Peter Tarlow, President of WTN, who is also experienced in Medical Tourism, World Safety, and Security, stressed the importance of involving all stakeholders in realizing the Sanur SEZ.

Even one of WTN’s founders, Juergen Steinmetz, announced the formation of a new task force facilitated by WTN to build information exchange and global opportunities in Medical Tourism.