Indonesia-Healthcare Tourism Promotion Board.
Event A Day (full day) of Mindfulness and Wellness and sharing knowledge initiative
Dec.29.2023. – CANNA BALI – Nusa Dua, Indonesia.

Dr. Zawawi (Dr. Z) is our Guest Speaker from Malaysia working together with dr. Widya Murni Founder JAAC (Jakarta Anti-Aging Centre) & IHTPB Co-Chair on Advocacy and Advisory Board for Healthcare and Wellness Tourism Indonesia. We are honoured to have Doctor Zawawi an Integrative & Functional Medicine Practitioner MD (USM) as our guest speaker to work with IHTPB event to support the development of Medical Tourism in Bali-Indonesia that is expecting to be one of the greatest solutions for healthcare and wellness treatment.

Dr.Z in his presentation will highlight the urgency of early cancer detection and the technology which have arrived in our doorstep that showcase is best CTC system with 98% sensitivity and 100% accuracy or specificity.

Besides that, Dr Z will also offers availability of AI test for heart disease, Stem cell treatment, Cytokine treatment, hyperthermia treatment, Dendritic Cell and NK cell treatment that he is willing to help develop in Bali for stakeholders in the industry. The idea is whole gamut for disease treatment as well as for wellness, rejuvenation and preventive medicine for heart disease and cancer with the best of science has to offer.


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Photo Source: GPR Media Release, | The Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum held the AIS Youth Conference as part of a series of the first AIS Forum Summit. The conference will last for three days, namely 6-8 October 2023 at the Mulia Nusa Dua Hotel, Badung, Bali Province.

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In conjunction with this, Indonesia Healthcare Tourism Promotion Board (IHTPB) together with Stakeholders and Operators are gathered to engage potential collaboration and discuss key challenges that Bali- Indonesia- medical tourism are facing and the development of urgent resources needed for healthcare and wellness solutions in Bali.

The sharing knowledge Initiative is also featuring few other key partners that would be working in tandem with Industry partners to make Bali be the best Destination in the sector of holistic heart treatment for both preventions, the medical treatment and rehabilitation process along with wellness and healing restoration retreats.

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Detoxification packages and healing restoration retreats will be introduced as an icon packages to be offered to the Travel Agent Associations, Airlines both local and International and WTN (World Tourism Network) Influencers. IHTPB also invite for possible integrated co-marketing to support marketing of the packages to be developed among Tourism Industry practitioners hence Tourist/travellers can enjoy the treatment offered in every part of Bali areas which consisting of 9 (nine) districts: Jembrana (01), Tabanan (02), Badung (03), Denpasar (04), Gianyar (05), Bangli (06), Klungkung (07), Karangasem (08), and Buleleng (09). Denpasar is the capital city of Bali.

This event will also invite leading insurance companies and banking to work on co-marketing and service development. For this purposes IHTPB is working with the stakeholder related to escalate the process and work out to market starting early 2024.

IHTPB is also working with related Stakeholders for AI development by creating Integrated communication centre that enable customer to have direct access with the service of native doctors. The Leading Partners on this development are JDNI-Junior Doctor Network Indonesia, ATM Sehat & BMTA – Bali Medical Tourism Association.

To sum-up the event of Sharing Knowledge Initiative and a day of Mindfulness and Wellness in Canna Bali Nusa Dua, will present 3 key important subjects for the development of Indonesia Healthcare Tourism i.e. Introducing Advisory and Advocacy Board for Health Wellness Tourism in Bali-Indonesia. Introducing Integrated communication centre for Health Wellness Tourism Promotion and Customer Care. Introducing and highlight healthcare tourism services need to be provided in Bali to suit in with today’s most demanded treatment (2024-2025).

About WTN:

WTN is powered by a diverse community of supporters, including prominent travel and tourism giants. Public sector members, such as tourism ministries and boards, actively pledge their support to SMEs and proudly display the seal, signifying their commitment.

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