The authentic Chinese restaurant, Golden Lotus Chinese Restaurant, is excited to have the culinary master back in the kitchen! Having previously honored Golden Lotus as a Chinese chef, Mr. Teng Shen is more than ready to delight every palate again.

Hailing from Penang, Malaysia, Chef Teng has honed his culinary skills over a remarkable career of over thirty years.

Growing up amid the sights, sounds and aromas of various types of food, particularly vibrant Chinese cuisine, Chef Teng learned the various flavors that represent cultural heritage through special events such as festivals or simple family gatherings.

But it was his mother who passed on his culinary knowledge and techniques to him. From mastering the art of balancing flavors to creating delicious and compelling dishes, the many hours spent in the kitchen sparked Chef Teng’s lifelong passion and laid the foundation for his professional journey as a chef.

Starting from a small restaurant in Penang in 1982, Chef Teng learned how to balance flavors and prepare dishes that people would love. As his love of cooking grew, he moved between some of Asia’s most prestigious 5-star restaurants and hotels throughout his career. Finally, in 1997, he came to Bali and became a chef at the Bali Dynasty Resort.

Chef Teng displays his mastery of Chinese cuisine through numerous awards and recognitions. His innovative style and meticulous culinary skills, developed over the years, have earned him a well-deserved reputation.

When it comes to Cantonese cuisine, Chef Teng stays true to the art of creating delicious and authentic dishes. He finds Cantonese cuisine exciting because of its rich history and the influence of various cultures.

To provide guests with a memorable dining experience, she pours her energy and creative ideas into each dish. One of Chef Teng’s favorite creations is Beef Saigon, which is always enjoyed by guests and receives rave reviews.

And his mission at Golden Lotus is clear: to elevate the restaurant’s popularity through an extraordinary offering of dining experiences, with his Cantonese specialty cuisine at the center. As Chef Teng makes a grand return to Golden Lotus, he is working on a menu makeover to ensure quality and taste meet guest expectations.

Golden Lotus will reopen for lunch and special promotions will continue. So keep an eye out for new Chef Teng creations to be unveiled soon!

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