Merah Putih stands as a vibrant testament to Bali’s rich culinary heritage. With the innovative fusion of traditional Indonesian flavors that anyone will love, every dish will remind you of what makes Bali a magical place.

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Merah Putih Restaurant: Setting the Right Mood for a Feast

Merah Putih isn’t just a place where you expect to be served your dish of choice; they create a truly unique experience from the moment you step into the lobby until you taste the final drip of food off your plate.

The interiors are theatrical in nature, with opulent Asian touches that make you feel like you’re dining with royalty — from the tropical trees surrounding the dining areas to the grand arches and dramatic lighting.

Small touches here and there add to the experience. The drink coasters have pictures of the servers’ smiling faces, adding a touch of personality and charm. The staff are all genuinely welcoming and will truly make you feel that they enjoy delivering the quality of service that you deserve.

A Memorable Gastronomic Experience at Merah Putih Restaurant

This is definitely not your regular dining experience. Merah Putih has taken Indonesian food to the next level with a mix of crowd favorites and more innovative dishes.

The lunch crowd can enjoy the signature Nasi Campur, which, in Indonesian, means mixed rice. True to its name, it mixes an explosion of flavors with a wide variety of options on the side — Balinese Braised Chicken, Slow Roast Pork Belly, Chargrilled Fish Fillet, and even Vegetarian.

There are also ala carte dishes on the menu for those who would like to try other options.

Come dinnertime, guests can enjoy the Indonesian take to fine dining. There is a 9-dish tasting menu for those who would like to try a little bit of everything. They also have a wide range of options for those with dietary requirements, with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices on the menu.

Drink the Night Away at Merah Putih Restaurant

Merah Putih doesn’t just take dining to a whole new level; they do the same for drinking, too! 

Wine lovers are going to go crazy over the long wine list with over 200 options from all over the world. Even those who’s rather go for spirits have a long list to choose from, from vodka and cognac to run, bourbon and tequila.

But what makes the bar even more fun are the signature cocktails you’ll only experience this side of the world. Try the Balinese While Chocolate Martini, the Merah Putih Sour, the Bali Colada, and other unique mixes. You could also go for more classic options like the usual Negroni or the Classic Martini. Either way, it’s going to be a fun night!

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Spotlight on Merah Putih Restaurant

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