Within Ubud’s famous jungle, each villa here is a masterpiece of secluded luxury, where adventure and tranquility unite for an experience that’s nothing short of magical.

Valley Villa

For those in search of solitude, this accommodation type brings nature’s beauty to the sky. With the majestic valley as your constant companion, your mornings come alive with the gentle rustle of leaves, the cheerful melodies of birds, and the captivating sunrise.

Pool Villa

This villa comes with a private pool, inviting you to unwind in the heart of Balinese serenity. It’s a space where indoor and outdoor living harmonize beautifully, especially as the golden sun bathes the property in its warm embrace.

Terrace Tree Villa

A modern marvel tucked beneath the lush forest canopy, the Terrace Tree Villa flaunts contemporary elegance amidst the ancient trees. Here, the forest’s sounds mingle with luxury’s whispers, creating a perfect setting for relaxation.

Forest Edge Villa

Positioned at the valley’s edge, it’s a sanctuary offering jaw-dropping views of the jungle below. The villa provides guests with an untouched canvas of the lush landscape, with a design seamlessly integrating into the natural environment.

Two Bedroom Pool Villa

Families in search of a luxury getaway will find their haven here. Complete with a private pool, you will get to witness breathtaking sunset surrounded by modern comforts, all while creating treasured memories with your loved ones.

In essence, each villa at Alila Ubud has its own unique tale to tell. The threads of innovation, intimacy, and authenticity are woven into every corner of this property, celebrating the captivating beauty of Bali.

Your story of tranquil seclusion at Alila Ubud awaits, where nature and luxury intertwine to craft an experience that defies comparison.

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Alila Ubud
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