We get countless messages every week from people asking the million-dollar question: “How to invest in a Bali villa?”. From tourists looking to own a piece of paradise, to savvy investors familiar with the real estate opportunities in the Island of the Gods – the desire to invest in the region seems endless.

To these people, we reply unequivocally: “Do your homework first!”. Those who fail to read up on Bali’s regulations and the island’s history of common investment scams will most likely find themselves in all sorts of trouble, like signing leases they don’t fully understand, failing to produce the correct licences that are supposed to allow them to rent out their property, being handed dodgy land certificates, dealing with missing contractors – the list goes on.

It’s not all doom and gloom, of course. A lot of people have managed to make vast sums from their Bali property. But they reaped their success by doing their due diligence, first and foremost. Investing in a country with different laws and language is challenging enough in itself, let alone doing so blindly.

We’ve recently become familiar with GORO, a new company in Indonesia that allows you to invest in portions of Bali properties from as little as 10,000 Rp ($1 AUD).  Founded by serial entrepreneurs Robert Hoving & Andryan Gouw, and backed by various credible backers including Colliers, Savills, Divvy Homes, 99.co , GORO facilitates group-buying of villas in Bali for investment purposes. We think GORO is a great way for people to kickstart their portfolio in Bali, while learning about the process and expected costs involved before committing to a full investment.

How it works

The company experts find and curate Bali properties with a proven track record of delivering year-round high rental returns, ensuring that you have access to only the highest-quality assets.

These units are rented out like regular investment properties. Depending on the villa and the area, it may be rented on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. 

On its platform, GORO transparently provides information about the properties offered that may help you – the investor – decide which assets to buy. You make the final call as to how much you want to invest in the property of your choosing.

Every month you will receive a rental report detailing the gross income and expenses, and the net profit for your property. This is a great way to become familiar with both expenses and income to be expected if you then move on to buying a whole property in Bali.

You can expect around 11% net annual rental return, which is distributed monthly. If your villa is sold during the time of your investment, you will enjoy capital appreciation. The best part is, your investment is 100% liquid. There is no holding period, and you can sell your investment at any time, which is a great way to become more familiar with actual selling rates on the island. 

Why we like it!

If you’re truly considering investing in Bali property, GORO gives you the opportunity to invest a small amount of money to learn more about the process. You can invest your money quickly and easily, all while carrying significantly lower risk. The fact that you can exit at any time is the cherry on top. 

There is no need to worry about financing, legalities, maintenance, or real estate agents, as GORO does all the heavy-lifting.

If owning a Bali villa has been on your bucket list, GORO can help ease your foray into the region’s real estate market. 

If  this sounds like you, register your interest using the Bali Buddies invite code and receive 2% extra tokens on your first transaction. 

Register here  and use the code: BALIBUDDIES.GORO when registering to get your bonus tokens!

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