One of the best things about learning to surf in Bali is that you don’t need anything at all. Board rentals start at 50k ($5AUD) per hour from board rentals along the beach. But before venturing out on your own, you might want to take a few lessons, or even spend a week or so at a Surf Camp or Retreat to familiarize yourself with the basics and surf etiquette.

One thing is for sure after riding a few waves, you will be hooked! And YES, your arms will hurt. But in the best possible way!

What are the advantages of paying for classes or going to a surf camp?

You will learn the basics, such as how to ‘pop-up’. Your coach will brief you on the conditions and teach you how to read a surf report. You will also be told where dangerous currents are and what to do if you get caught in one. Being pushed into the waves will help you get started. They will prepare everything for you including board wax and waterproof vests.

Who are the surf lesson providers?

Retreats only for women

The retreats are designed with solo female travelers in mind. Of course, you might want to bring a friend, but you’re bound to meet other like-minded travelers. You’ll stay in a villa in a private room with a bathroom, and it’s a bit more luxurious experience than surf camps. While some women’s retreats focus on surfing, others offer surf lessons as an optional add-on to other activities like yoga, fitness, spa treatments, and sightseeing. Women’s retreats in Bali often have potluck dinners and other community experiences like welcome circles and other opportunities to meet people from all over the world. The best thing about surfing with other women is that women support women in the water, which is sure to brighten your day or even your week!

surf camps

This is a great option if you want a fully immersive surf experience in Bali. This means you’ll be surfing every day, maybe even twice a day, depending on the conditions and what the camp has to offer. There are usually a few different accommodation options, from shared rooms to private rooms. You’ll often find young travelers at surf camps, so it can be quite a social atmosphere. Most camps offer video training sessions in the afternoons after a morning of surfing, which is awesome if your goal is to take your surfing to the next level. Breakfast and lunch are often offered with dinner options as well. Some camps offer daily yoga and sightseeing tours. Surfcamps are amazing for solo travelers and cater to surfers of all levels, from beginner to advanced.

A short distance from the Berawa beach and surf spot is Surf camp in the house of the waves. They offer several accommodation options, from dormitories to private rooms. They also have 2 pools and a fitness and yoga space on site. You will have surf training 7 days a week, with video analysis once a day. You will visit different places throughout your stay depending on your ability and conditions. Beginner and intermediate surfers are welcome. Breakfast and airport transfers are included, and social activities are planned throughout the week. There are many cafes, restaurants, bars and shops within walking distance to explore at your leisure.

ADDRESS: Discovery Villas Jl. Subak Sari No.#100, Tibubeneng
Instagram: @lacasa_de_la_vida

surf schools

Surf schools are like surf camps, but they do not include accommodation or any other packages like meals and yoga. They usually pick you up at your accommodation each day and take you surfing where the conditions are right. This can be a great option for families learning to surf together as it leaves the rest of the day for other activities and is not on a surf camp schedule. Surf schools can coordinate with you if you surf every day or every other day.

If you’re looking for a fun morning activity to enjoy alone or with your friends, why not head over to the beach board rental and hire a surf instructor for an hour? They will go over the basics and get you a beginner board (the really long and wide ones, usually with a foam deck). Once you have your board and waterproof vest, you’ll head straight to the sand to practice paddling and jumping. When your instructor is happy with your pop and you’ve established whether it’s a goofy foot or a normal foot, then it’s time to get wet. The best spots for beginners are where the waves are 2-3 feet and already broken, usually closer to the beach. Your instructor will choose a wave and give you a little push so you can focus on your first pop! It is a feeling you will never forget.

spicy surf school

One of our best options is the spicy surf school led by the experienced head coach Alex. Alex is a surfer from Nias, Sumatra, where the waves are big and heavy. So he knows what he’s doing and accepts clients of all levels. Spicy Surf School will pick him up where he is and take him to a nearby location that is suitable for his skill level and conditions. One of the amazing things about Spicy Surf is that they do video training after your lesson! Practical and theoretical training will surely take your surfing to the next level.

ADDRESS: jl. Pantai Balangan, Jimbaran
Instagram: @spicysurfschool
Website: spicy surf school

Santai Surf School

Located at Double Six Beach in the Legian area is another surf school where you can take informal lessons. A good starting point for anyone who has never surfed before, the waves at Legian Beach are super soft and ideal for beginners. Balinese owned and running since 2012, Santai Surf School has a great team of coaches that will have you screaming for “one more”. They also have fully comprehensive insurance coverage for all guests.

ADDRESS: Jalan Arjuna, Legian, Kec. Kuta, Seminyak
Instagram: @santai_surf_bali
Website: surf academy

Although your surf guide or coach will guide you to the best spot considering the conditions and your skill level, it’s good to keep in mind which areas of Bali might be best for you. The different surf breaks are also seasonal. Soon you’ll be reading the surf report like a pro!

Legian, Kuta and Seminyak


Uluwatu Peninsula

Last words

Now that you know a bit about the surf lesson providers on the island, all you need now is your swimming gear and a waterproof sunscreen!

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