Sensatia Botanicals uses only the best natural ingredients and sustainable practices to produce its products. This time, they present the Natural Kids Care Collection, formulated with delicate and calming rice extract and nourishing mango extract, covered with Sensatia Botanicals; sweet and subtle aroma.

Clinically tested to address the sensitive skin of children ages 5-12, the Natural Kids Care Collection includes:

Refreshing body wash for children Features a gentle formula that cleanses and balances moisture levels without leaving skin feeling dry. Tropical fruits and rice extract add a refreshing element, gentle enough for daily use. Refreshing body lotion for children restores and locks in moisture to the skin with a rich blend of botanical ingredients. Mango Seed Butter with highly concentrated Vitamin C and moisturizing Rice Extract and Olive Oil will protect children’s skin against irritants. Refreshing Shampoo for Children Contains a hypoallergenic formula, gentle on even the most sensitive scalp. Its rice extract and deeply moisturizing jojoba oil nourish the hair and promote hair growth. Not only that, but the shampoo has a tropical fruit scent so your little ones feel refreshed.Children’s Refreshing Conditioner uses vitamin-rich ingredients to replenish and strengthen all hair types. The blend of rice extract, jojoba oil and mango seed butter reduces scalp irritation and nourishes sensitive skin.Refreshing toothpaste for children provides anti-cavity protection, cleans teeth and gums, and freshens breath with xylitol. Plus, it has a sweet, citrusy flavor that kids will love. Kids Refreshing Bath Kit Gently pamper and nourish children’s skin in a complete package of all the products in the Natural Kids Care Collection.

The new Natural Kids Care collection is not only good for children’s skin and hair, but also for the environment. Using eco-friendly packaging made from sustainable materials, all personal care products can easily break down in the environment. Additionally, the products are free of toxic chemicals, which will not harm water systems.

Available from IDR 80,000, you can get the Natural Kids Care collection at all Sensatia Botanicals stores and on the official website.

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