Small Steps into the Right Direction

Recognizing the importance of modernizing its infrastructure to accommodate the growing number of visitors in this area and the need for improved accessibility, authorities have embarked on an initiative to construct sidewalks, a change that promises to enhance safety and convenience for the area’s rising tourist population.  

The rapid development in Canggu, Berawa, and Echo Beach, fueled by a thriving tourism industry, led to a surge in businesses along not just the main roads, but also the very narrow shortcuts and small “gangs”. Many of these roads have remained underdeveloped, narrow, and lacking dedicated pedestrian walkways while businesses have already opened up their doors, attracting tourists in the thousands.

The development of these sidewalks, is a relatively small-scale project in the grand scheme of Bali’s current traffic problem and its ambitious plans. But it is definitely a step into the right direction and very welcomed by tourists and business owners, and residents. 

The government is well aware of the traffic chaos that these destinations are facing and has announced that it will construct an underground Light Rail System connecting the airport with Seminyak and Canggu by 2026. Read More here.

Canggu is drowning these days in motorbikes and cars and the many little roads and the lack of proper connecting roads between Pererenan, Echo Beach, Batu Bolong and Berawa add to the problem. A long-term solution and a tighter grip on urban development will be needed to see these areas prosper.