The new BBTF 2023 logo concept of Dewata Nawa Sangha (Nine Gods), a Balinese philosophy representing the spiritual cardinal directions as well as the nine holiest temples in Bali.

The number nine is also a symbol of perfection, so with the continued support of dedicated stakeholders, the upcoming ninth BBTF in 2023 is expected to be a milestone for the BBTF.

Nine also conveys spiritual awakening and service to humanity, holistic values ​​that align with BBTF’s new theme of quality and sustainability.

The theme of “Reconnecting with quality and sustainable tourism” feels relevant to the current and future business trends of the national and global tourism sector.

BBTF promotes the concept of tourism that prioritizes interactions between tourists and local communities providing various benefits ranging from increased awareness of culture, local wisdom, environment and economy to enhancement of the economy in the ecosystem. local business.

We believe that the concept of quality tourism is an attraction where tourists stay in a destination to really enjoy and learn about the daily life of the community and finally assume a role of responsibility with the environment and local culture.

Today’s travelers are increasingly demanding in their search for Wellness, Healing, Sports, Cultural, Humanitarian experiences, getting directly involved in conservation or even looking for a change in the meaning of life to be happier.

“We have this diversity asset: Bali is the perfect destination. By learning about local wisdom, traditions and culture, we all hope that travelers become part of economic growth and contribute to the preservation of the environment.” I Putu Winastra, the chairman of the committee stating the idea.

Join BBTF 2023 and be a part of the change.