Youth Delegates Advocate for Ocean Sustainability at 2023 AIS Youth Conference

A group of young delegates, carefully selected by the AIS Forum Secretariat, have convened for the 2023 AIS Youth Conference. Their mission: to promote sustainable ocean protection and bolster the blue economy.

On October 6, 2023, Jodi Mahardi, the Deputy for Coordination of Maritime Sovereignty and Energy at the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment of the Republic of Indonesia, officially opened the AIS Youth Conference.

Riny Modaso, Head of the AIS Forum Secretariat, highlighted the significance of the conference within the AIS Forum’s initiatives. Its primary goal is to actively involve the younger generation in processes and activities aimed at increasing regional awareness of marine and climate issues.

According to Riny, “The young generation is crucial in addressing global challenges faced by AIS countries in preserving oceans and maritime resources.”

Riny also outlined the conference’s agenda, featuring four principal topics: “AIS Youth for Ocean-based Climate Actions,” “Advancing Youth-led Blue Entrepreneurship,” “Project & Business Management 101 for AIS Youth,” and “Youth-advocacy in International Ocean Diplomacy.”