An enchanting cultural island experience awaits all art enthusiasts to explore. Immerse yourself in a leading art fair showcasing extensive collections from Southeast Asia and beyond as you witness Bali in its identity as a ‘global art destination’.

Founded in 2019 by the late Leo Silitonga and Sendy Widjaja, ArtMoments has made a remarkable impact as a leading art fair in Indonesia. Following its success with an online art fair held in 2020 amid the pandemic, this year ArtMoments continues its journey to Bali for the first time.

ArtMoments Bali will debut on June 23, 2023 for VIP guests and by invitation only. The art space will be open to the public free of charge on June 24 and 25, from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., at the Jimbaran Convention Center at the InterContinental Bali Resort, the same location for the event series. of the G20 last year.

Sendy Widjaja, co-founder and fair director of ArtMoments Jakarta, expresses his sincere hope to elevate Bali as the world’s leading art destination through the event. Together with Bank Central Asia (BCA), ArtMoments aims to provide collectors with a hassle-free platform to purchase artwork with special offers. BCA credit card holders coming to ArtMoments Bali can even use the 0% fee for up to 24 months!

ArtMoments Bali will present the theme “Infinite Boundaries” under the artistic direction of Rizki Zaelani. This theme highlights the ever-evolving nature of contemporary fine art, reflecting the changing lives and social dynamics of today’s era. Visitors will explore captivating displays of works of art that reflect the complexities and triumphs of modern life.

One of the interactive and unique workshops to look forward to is “Plasticology” led by I Made Bayak. The art fair will also feature art galleries from Southeast Asia and beyond, with an emphasis on various themes, including celebrating the sustainability of the universe, respecting the value and existence of living ecosystems, interpreting experiences of the life cycle (recycling) and threats to life.

ArtMoments Bali will transform 14 rooms in the resort into unique art spaces, creating a one-of-a-kind art exhibit for art lovers. Meanwhile, all attendees can participate in sponsored arts shows and talk shows in the function rooms on the Mezzanine level of the Jimbaran Convention Center.

We are definitely looking forward to the magnificent ArtMoments Bali exhibits at the art fair, and this immersive experience will be a must-see for art collectors and admirers!

Learn more about ArtMoments and its programs by visiting and @ArtMomentsJakarta on Instagram.