Founded by Sherren Jo and Elmi Guyana, Beauphoria started their journey with the groundbreaking Carousel, the first-ever automatic hair curler that’s been the brand’s best-seller ever since.

The brand breaks technological boundaries with high-tech hairstyling products, like the Mini Wireless Straightener, BLDC Hair Dryer, and the Niacinamide Hair Care Series, catering to the customers’ evolving needs.

This time, Beauphoria is on a mission to create hair styling tools that deliver nothing but excellence. The brand is thrilled to launch an exclusive product collaboration – the Mini Wireless Curler – with esteemed designer Karla Jasmina!

As an inspiring figure for women embracing self-love and healthy living, Karla Jasmina plays an important role in this cool collaboration. Inspired by her deep love for the sea and nature, this exclusive project is about embracing beauty in a unique way.

Designed for convenience, Mini Wireless Curler’s compact (it weighs only 200 grams!) and cordless features allow you to style your hair anytime…anywhere. Packed with cutting-edge technology, this curler lets you create various hairstyles, from gentle waves to dramatic curls, ensuring long-lasting results. Plus, it comes in a chic leather pouch with a built-in mirror – perfect for on-the-go styling.

The Mini Wireless Curler is now available for purchase, so make sure to visit their official website for more information…it makes the perfect Christmas present!

SIDE NOTE: Santa please bring us another one, the moment we bought this curler home the teenagers of the house claimed it as their own!

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