The Bali Buddies team is all about fun and adventure, but there is one place we like to play it safe and that is on the road. Driving in Bali is anything but a snore. A sea of ​​motorcycles, different traffic rules, many small gangs (alleys) and very few signposted street names. Even us Bali insiders could get in trouble if we hadn’t discovered GRAB, our favorite ride-sharing app.

For most of us, navigating the roads of a foreign country can be a daunting task. However, you can relax in Bali because GRAB has your back. You never have to feel lost and helpless or out of your comfort zone because GRAB allows you to pinpoint your pickup location and drop-off point before your journey begins so you can be sure you’ll get from A to B as soon as possible. may be possible. in the safest and smoothest way possible.

In a place where street signs are few and far between and in another language, it’s a blessing to be able to map your journey and destination before leaving the comfort of your accommodation and wi-fi connection.

Once you enter your trip details, the rest is in the hands of your trained driver. Your pre-selected driver will arrive at your pickup destination and you’re invited to sit down, turn off, pay, nap, scroll, or play Candy Crush. You’ll also rest easy knowing that GRAB tours cost much less than hiring a traditional tour driver.

Still not convinced that GRAB is the safest and most boring way to get around? GRAB has developed ways for women and everyone else to feel safe and empowered to travel around Bali alone, at any time of the day. The app comes with a number of security features. Firstly, the trip tracking function keeps track of your trip and alerts GRAB if the vehicle strays from the planned route or makes unexpected stops and will send you an alert to ask if you are okay. You can also share your trip details with another user so they can keep track of your entire trip.

Finally, there’s an emergency button so you can alert the police or ambulance in the rare event things go wrong and your alert will be dealt with immediately. Amazingly 99.9% of GRAB trips last year were completed without incident. With all these safety features, GRAB is a game changer for cruising Bali!

Airport transfer? Super soft. Found that spa you’ve never been to? No sweat. Riding to a dinner date that you’re late for? Siesta party. Pick up at night? Totally uneventful. GRAB will be the most boring trip of your life and that’s why we want you to know! You can download and use GRAB without a local number, making it a preferred choice for tourists, locals, and expats. You can also use the GRAB app to order food, pick up and deliver packages, and more. In our years of using the GRAB app, it has never let us down!

Check out this blog for more information on using GRAB while in Bali.