IGNITE proudly shares the valued support for this year’s fundraising event from Wonderful Indonesia – the esteemed tourism and creative economy brand developed by the Ministry of Tourism in Indonesia. This partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration for catalyzing transformative change.

Through the event, IGNITE aims to grow into a yearly international gala that aids local integration programs in all Green Schools – reaching Green School Foundation beyond Bali and Indonesia and highlighting the importance of education for promoting sustainability and preserving heritage.

Both IGNITE and Wonderful Indonesia share a vision of preserving the natural beauty of Indonesia and promoting sustainable practices. This dynamic collaboration marks IGNITE’s momentum in offering empowering educational opportunities to aspiring change-makers everywhere.

Furthermore, this year’s theme highlights IGNITE’s purposeful mission to turn uncertainty about the future into steps for positive change. IGNITE REIMAGINE: Embracing the Future through Sustainability Education and Cultural Celebration. This year’s theme of Balinese traditional masks highlights and celebrates how these masks continue to inspire cultural expression and religious devotion. Crafted as vessels for divine energy, these masks represent humanity’s capacity to find goodness even in the face of despair.

IGNITE serves as a medium for attendees to witness and embrace the positive aspects of life through the Balinese sacred masks. It creates a space where future change-makers can flourish, armed with good intentions and beautiful inspirations, and make a significant impact on the world.

IGNITE is honored to be one of the first events hosted at the SAKA Museum, sponsored by AYANA Estate, serving as a remarkable platform for Balinese artists.

The event celebrates how the masks inspire cultural expression and religious devotion, showcased throughout the evening. Crafted as vessels for divine energy, these masks also represent humanity’s capacity to find goodness despite despair.

Apart from its cultural significance, IGNITE maintains a deep commitment to sustainability. The event catalyzes raising awareness and supporting initiatives to drive positive change in education, regenerative agriculture, and environmental conservation.

Utilizing generous support from donors, partners, sponsors, and attendees, IGNITE ushers in a new era of eco-focused education in Indonesian classrooms. It also nurtures Bali’s future by granting agricultural scholarships to foster a new generation of regenerative farmers.

The fundraising gala will take guests to an immersive experience with Bali’s sights, sounds, and flavours. Delve into traditional performances, live and silent auctions, refined artistry and craftsmanship, and Balinese cuisine that celebrate the island’s distinctiveness and rich culture. 

Join IGNITE in a transformative journey toward sustainability, education, and cultural celebration!

Tickets are available here. 

For more information, contact IGNITE’s team at [email protected] or WhatsApp. 

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