Thorn-Clarke Wineries is a family-owned enterprise nestled in the Barossa Valley, Australia. Committed to crafting exceptional wines, they’ve skillfully built a legacy of passion and craftsmanship in Australian winemaking since 1987. Merging tradition with innovation, they cultivate their vineyards to create outstanding wines reflecting the region’s unique terroir.

The collaboration of PT Pantja Artha Niaga and Thorn-Clarke Wineries is a big step for the winery brand as it enters the lively Indonesian market, captivating wine enthusiasts with its exceptional wine selection.

“We are thrilled to bring Thorn-Clarke Wineries to Indonesia through our collaboration. Thorn-Clarke’s wines exemplify the epitome of Australian winemaking, and we believe they will resonate exceptionally well with the Indonesian wine connoisseurs. The distinctiveness of Thorn-Clarke’s portfolio, coupled with the rich heritage of the winery, aligns seamlessly with our commitment to offering the finest selections to our customers. We are confident that Thorn-Clarke’s presence will elevate the wine experience in Indonesia, providing a taste of the extraordinary,” said Handryna Sulistiadi, Brand Manager of PT Pantja Artha Niaga.

On 9 November 2023, Thorn-Clarke Wineries, introduced its exquisite wine range at The Edge Bali, Uluwatu, attended by Chief Winemaker Peter Kelly. This exclusive launch at The Edge Bali welcomes media and hospitality experts in Bali to experience the unique qualities of Thorn-Clarke wines. In addition, this event offers guests the chance to appreciate the artistry and passion embodied in each bottle and fosters partnerships within the industry.

The wines of Thorn-Clarke wineries are now available for purchase at the Red&White Shops near you and online at – right in time Festive Season!!

Pantja Artha Niaga

Instagram: @paniagaindo