Discover Grab Pet, the latest addition to the Grab Super app in Bali, allowing you to travel with your beloved pets on safe and comfortable journeys. Choose a Grab Pet car during reservation, receive special treats for your pet and enjoy automatic pet insurance. Currently available in select areas during the BETA testing phase.

If you are like us, it is important that you take your pet with you to as many places as possible. Those trips to the beach, pet-friendly hotel stays, and days out exploring are always more fun when your furry friend comes along too!

Our favorite super app in Bali – Grab makes it easy to transport you and your pet safely with the launch of Grab Pet. Just as you would normally choose the Grab Car option, when you go to choose what type of car you would like to reserve for your trip, you can choose a Grab Pet car. This ensures that you get a car and a driver who is comfortable taking animals on your trip.

At the moment, this service is only available in the Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Canggu area as it is in its BETA testing phase. If the service proves popular, it will roll out to other areas of Bali as well. Plus, if you’re one of the first to book a Grab Pet trip, you’ll get some special treats for your pet along the way!

There are some regulations to be aware of when using Grab Pet. The limit for the number of pets per person on a trip is two small/medium pets and one large pet. Grab Pet drivers have in-car kits to ensure their vehicles stay hygienic from trip to trip.

By choosing Grab Pet, you’ll also have automatic pet insurance included in your trip, so both you and your pet are protected. You will be greeted by your driver, who has been trained to handle pets in his car. So now there’s no excuse for ignoring those puppy dog ​​eyes looking at you when you leave the house for a trip next time!

Learn more about using the Grab app here

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