Marriott International Indonesia is back with another heartwarming community-led initiative, partnering once again with Solar Chapter for the “Water for Tafuli” project. This project brings water stops to the beautiful remote village of Tafuli in Malaka District, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

Located 3 km from the closest water source with a significant 118m elevation gap, the entire village struggles to obtain clean water for daily activities, especially the farmers who depend on agricultural produce for their livelihoods.

Through the collaboration, Marriott International Indonesia and Solar Chapter helped the Tafuli community install solar-powered water pumps for convenient water access. Not only does this effort improve sanitation and public health, but it also increases the quality of life for the people.

The “Water for Tafuli” project received support from activities hosted by various Marriott International hotels and resorts in Indonesia, including the annual charity event ‘Road to Give 2022.’

The collaborative act started on 2 September 2022, and after nearly a year, it’s now finished. The system can efficiently deliver up to 65,100 liters of water each day from the Benenain River to 12 public faucets in Tafuli’s 10 hamlets using a smart pipeline network.

Powered by 18 solar panels, this sustainable water solution covers a distance of 3 km horizontally and a vertical climb of 118 m. This puts an end to water insufficiency, fostering better agriculture, public health, education, communal well-being, and overall development.

Representatives from the Marriott Business Council Indonesia and Solar Chapter made a significant trip to Tafuli to witness the installation and launch of the system. On 17 August 2023, at 2 pm WITA, water began flowing to the Upper Reservoir in the village. To mark this important moment, they placed a commemorative stone that symbolizes a major step in improving the lives of the local community.

Titus Rosier, General Manager of W Bali – Seminyak and Chairman of Marriott Business Council Indonesia, highlights Marriott International’s commitment to “putting people first.” With 22 exceptional hotel brands in Indonesia, their collective efforts continue to make a positive impact on the community.

Mustika Wijaya, Founder and Executive Director of Solar Chapter, emphasised the impactful collaboration of the ‘Water for Tafuli’ project and warmly acknowledged Marriott International Indonesia as a strong ally in bringing this dream to life.

Furthermore, Marta Tafuli, the Village Chief of Tafuli Village, expressed the people of Tafuli’s commitment to operating and maintaining the solar-powered water pump system for the entire community.

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