The question “Where to go in Ubud?” must have been asked countless times by friends or family who are planning a visit in Ubud. It is difficult to answer because even though Ubud is a small village, there is a lot to see, do and experience. Explore the hidden natural beauty, learn more about Balinese culture, try some culinary highlights, pamper yourself with wellness or go to some spots that are not widely known by most tourists.

New Channel for Bali Travel Inspiration

What’s in Ubud is a tourist directory that seeks to answer questions at the beginning, from delicious coffee shops with beautiful views, affordable healthy restaurants, the most comfortable hotelsyoga and other sports studios, hidden natural beauty spots to art exhibitions from local artists. In this new Instagram channel, there will also be many video stories from Ubud community leaders about the history and culture that built Ubud to what it is today as well as casual interviews with local Ubud business owners.

Born in a pandemic era, What’s in Ubud has another program called Ubud Unlocked. A collective promotional chain effort between businesses in Ubud that offers lots of discounts and free bonuses to encourage tourists to explore more places in Ubud. The way this chain promotion works is simple – just visit one of the Ubud Unlocked partners and then bring your payment receipt / hotel room key to other partners to get discounts and freebies from each partner.

So, What’s in Ubud?

Ubud should be enjoyed as a complete experience .. Enjoying good food, going on an adventure in beautiful nature, trying new activities, resting in a comfortable place and finally understanding why Ubud has been named the best village in the world.