We all know that prevention is better than cure. So why not attack the dreaded Bali Belly before it has a chance to ruin your vacation? The good news is that Travelan is on hand to give you total peace of mind!

Boasting an astonishing 90% clinically proven prevention rate, this preventative is Australia’s best-kept secret against traveller’s diarrhoea – and our ultimate sidekick to a carefree Bali break. Whether we’re exploring Ubud’s vibrant markets, lounging on the sandy Uluwatu beaches or sampling the delicious local cuisine – the last thing you want are any stomach issues ruining your time making those precious memories. Which is why Travelan is an absolute non-negotiable which we certainly wouldn’t leave home without! 

Your First Line of Defence

But don’t just take our word for it – Travelan also comes highly recommended by the US Department of Defence as the ultimate travel insurance for a happy gastrointestinal system. It’s like having a personal army of antibodies ready to neutralise those pesky bacteria and toxins before they can crash your party. Because we know that there is nothing worse than wasting your precious holiday time glued to the bathroom.

Pack Smart – Stay Well!

When you’re packing for paradise don’t even think about leaving Travelan behind! For us, this travel essential is always at the top of our packing list. As the only over-the-counter preventative medication in Australia that’s tailor-made to keep Bali Belly at bay, it’s as crucial as your sun-cream and favourite swimmers. Whilst other remedies may offer relief after the sickness strikes, none can compare toTravelan’s preventative properties. Available in leading pharmacies across Australia and online, this isn’t an optional addition to your packing list – it’s a must!

The Ultimate Holiday Essential

But don’t just take our word for it – listen to the thousands of travellers out there who rely on Travelan as their golden ticket to a tummy trouble-free getaway. So when you’re booking your next epic Bali getaway, get ready to bid farewell to stomach issues and say hello to plenty of carefree adventures with Travelan!